Can I file an arbitration through the Office of Dispute Resolution against a doctor, lawyer, or other professional?
The Office of Dispute Resolution operates the largest securities dispute resolution forum in the world. We do not handle non-securities industry claims.
Can I request attorney fees in my Statement of Claim?
Attorneys' fees are frequently requested in arbitration. Arbitrators may consider awarding attorneys' fees, but the procedure and law varies from state to state. It is appropriate for the arbitrators to request the parties to brief this issue.
Do I need an attorney to start a business?
There are certain matters that are fairly straightforward or not unduly difficult to learn and, therefore, do not require the services of an attorney, like writing a business plan, researching and picking a name for your business (previously trademarked business names can be researched online), or reserving a domain name for your website. However, your business will benefit in the long run if you hire an attorney to help you decide what entity works best for you, to prepare and file the necessary documents with the appropriate legal bodies, to draft and review contracts and other legal documents that fit your specific needs, and to ensure compliance with regulations and laws.
Can anyone file a lawsuit?
Yes, but winning the lawsuit is a completely different matter. Individuals can file or defend a lawsuit without a lawyer – corporations cannot.
Are there sanctions for filing a frivolous lawsuit or defending a lawsuit solely for purposes of delay?
Yes. If a lawsuit is filed that has unsupported claims or if a defendant raises defenses that have no merit and are made solely to delay judgment against them, the court has discretion to sanction the wrongful party.
What Should My Asset Allocation Be?
The biggest question in investing is “Where should I invest my money?” Investors often wonder whether they should invest entirely in stocks, bonds, or a balanced mix of both. Aggressive allocations tend to be all stocks, while conservative allocations tend to be all bonds and cash. Having an asset allocation strategy in place provides discipline and guidelines for investors.
What is your approach to financial planning?
Blossom Wealth Management works with a variety of clients. We understand that risk tolerance and time frame vary from one person to the next. We learn about each client so that we may design customized portfolios. We educate our clients on the investment landscape and demonstrate how diversified holdings blend together to form a cohesive portfolio. All this is achieved through our five step financial planning process.
How much risk should I be willing to take?
This is a very personal decision. To answer this question, we would need to learn more about your family history, employment status, other income and resources, cash flow, and short-term needs, among other things.
What is financial fitness?
When you think about wellness, consider the effect it can have on your body and on your balance sheet. While there is nothing more important than good health, a sound retirement strategy can give you the potential for the financial future you want and deserve.

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